So… what exactly is Tell Your Story camp?

Tell Your Story is a summer program for 7th-10th graders. During our two weeks together you’ll get to explore writing, performance, and art while making new friends and spending time on the University of Colorado campus!

Teachers from Boulder Valley School District, and artists from the University of Colorado Department of Art and Art History join forces alongside local experts in poetry and the environment to create this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

This year we’re branching out! In addition to the writing and art components at the heart of the TYS program, we’re setting out to build bridges between these practices and the larger community. We will work together to discover what it means to be an engaged member of our daily community as we strive to reveal the relationship between art and leadership, between our own stories and those that may be yet untold, between ourselves as daily practitioners of story and the natural world that surrounds us.

Is it like school?

Nope. Although there will be teachers there, Tell Your Story is more like a retreat for artists and writers. Sometimes you’ll feel like a college student, since the camp takes place on the University of Colorado campus. Other times you’ll feel like a kid hearing the summer-time jingle of the ice-cream truck, there is a lot of fun and creativity to be shared! No matter what, you’ll grow as an artist and writer all while making great memories with friends.

What’s the big idea?

Tell Your Story draws upon the power of memoir and storytelling to help young people identify how their past connects to their sense of who they are and what they are capable of doing.

Over the ten day workshop, students will experience writing and art as a way to reflect, inspire and communicate their life stories. Students receive instruction and the opportunity to combine stories of self with stories of us, connecting the goals of individual life to a collective sensibility. Because these narratives engage both intellect and emotion, they can inspire as well as instruct; they teach us not only how we should act, but move us to act.

Through art, students will explore how artistic media can express stories in unique, non-literal ways. Participants in Tell Your Story will acquire a sense of confidence and enjoyment through writing and the art process. Although this workshop is not meant to resemble a school environment, the empowerment and creative license students gain from Tell Your Story will undoubtedly show up in the classroom and beyond.