Art Studios

Note: the descriptions below are from previous years. We will update with specifics for this year’s studios in the coming weeks.

Every day students will experience writing workshops and poetry studios in the morning, then art studios in the afternoon. Please read on to learn more about TYS’s master poets and artists!

Poetry Studios 

Daily poetry workshops will be led by our poets-in-residence, Jovan Mays and Jack Collom.

Jovan Mays exemplifies the true spirit of community that is the b9437_3d2f839d7c19a0fcd7b5e4255f832bfdasis of the poetry slam.  Since 2010 he has been a competing member for the Denver Slam Nuba National Team.  In just his 2nd year he was crowned a National Poetry Slam Champion in Boston, Massachusetts. He has achieved notable success as a slam competitor not only locally but also throughout the country; but it is his commitment to community and education in both urban and rural communities that distinguish him as an organizer and artist.

He now resides in Denver, CO. where he continues to workshop and educate people of all ages about this great art. His poetry program “Your Writing Counts” has reached upwards of 300 schools in just two years. Mays also serves as the SlamMaster for Slam Nuba and their Open Mic/ Slam night, which is sponsored by the Denver Film Society. This event occurs on the 1st and last Monday of the month at the Crossroads Theatre in the Historic 5 Points District.

Jack Collom’s poetry takes its genesis from everyday happenings, activities, and Jack-Collom-by-John-Sarsgard-NYCobservations; his book on writing for and by children, Poetry Everywhere (1994), reflects this outlook. Collom’s poems for adults are often grounded in the details of the natural world, and he has been described as an ecological poet.

Collom has been active as a teacher of creative writing for adults and children since the 1970s. He has taught for Poets-in-the-Schools and as an adjunct professor at Naropa University, where he teaches ecology and literature.


Art Studios will be led by two artists-in-residence, Dakota Nanton and Connie Quig.

Dakota Nanton’s work draws inspiration from such diverse areas as comics, mytNanton_Dakota_Image08.mediumhology, science fiction, religious imagery and symbolism. Borrowing from the images and iconography of the past, and mixing old techniques with new, he explores the complexities and contradictions of living in the modern world.

Connie Quigg teaches art at Monarch High School.  She is a master of weavphotoing story into visual representation, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Her studios will explore the connections between ourselves and the many worlds outside of us by experimenting with techniques like personal geography and maps, rubbings, found-objects, autographs, and much much more.


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